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The teams listed on this page are our special GOLD BID winners! GOLD BIDS are the most prestigious bids that can be earned to The U.S. Finals! They are are awarded to one of the highest scoring eligible teams at U.S. Finals qualifier events throughout the season. This award entitles the recipient the ability attend any U.S. Finals location for as little as $100* per team.

Linköping Lightnings Shine - L2 - Senior Cheer    GC Troops Majors - L2 - Minior Cheer    Twisters Cheer Elite - L1 - Minior Cheer - Small    Holgate High School - High School Cheer    Royal Braves Cheer Athletics Diamonds - L1 - Youth - Club    Rogue Athletics - SFV L4.2 Senior - L4.2 Senior    Stars Vipers San Antonio Pythons - L1 Junior    Stars Vipers San Antonio Rattler Reign - L2 Junior - Medium    Dream Athletics WICKED - L3 Junior    Blue Storm Athletics Black Ice - L4 Senior    Steele Athletics J-bolts - L1 Junior    Steele Athletics Electrum - L4.2 Senior    Thunder Extreme Strike - L3 Junior    TEXAS CHEER ALLstars L2.1 - Senior PREP - L2.1 - Senior PREP    All Star Cheer Express Dynamite - L1 Mini    CE All Stars J-Thunder - L3 Junior    Memphis Pride Allstars Sleet - L3 Senior    Indiana Elite Diamond - L4 Senior    Central Kentucky Athletics Lady Legends - L2 Junior - D2    GymTyme All-Stars Blackout - L3 Senior Coed    Dancespace All Stars Youth Divas - Youth Pom    Midwest Elite Academy Wicked - L2 Senior    Premier Cheer Premier Cheer Cubs - L1 Tiny    Rio Grande Valley Cheer Sparkle - L1.1 - Mini PREP    Midwest Cheer Elite-Columbus Black Label - L3 Senior Coed    Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Untamed - L2 Junior    Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Ferocious - L2 Youth    Legacy Xtreme All Stars PYTHONS - L3 Junior    Tigercubs TigerCubs All Stars - Youth Hip Hop    Kids Spot Peach - L3 Junior    Planet Dance Junior Pom - Junior Pom    Northern Elite Riptide - L2 Junior    Cheerville Athletics BG Mystique - L2 Junior    Cheer Legendz Jagz - L4 Senior    Cheer Extreme - Chicago FAB - L2 Senior    Heat Athletics Ignite - L2 Youth    River Valley All-Stars Snipers - L1 Junior    Titanium Force Cheer Code Black - L4 Senior    Cheer Athletics - Plano Cougars - L2 Youth - Medium    Thunder Extreme Lightning - L2 Junior - D2    Thunder Extreme Flash - L2 Senior - D2    Swift Creek Athletic Association Prowl - L2 - Junior - Club    ICE Doppler Divas - L4 Junior    Odyssey Cheer Company Electric Storm - L2 Junior - D2 - A    San Antonio Spirit Blush - L4 Senior - D2    Modern American Cheer DIAMOND GLITZ - L1 Junior - D2    Cheer Athletics - Charlotte MajestiCats - L2 Junior    Wake Forest All Stars Black Wolves - L4 Junior - D2    Fearless Athletics RAGE - L2 Senior - D2    Fearless Athletics LADY RED - L3 Senior - D2 - Medium    The California All Stars - Ontario Cobalt - L2 Youth    The California All Stars - Ontario Steel - L2 Junior    The California All Stars - Ontario Platinum - L3 Senior - Medium    The California All Stars - Ontario Onyx - L4 Senior Coed    Central Jersey All Stars SWAT TEAM - L4 Junior    Encore Elite Wildcatz Vicious - L2 Junior    HCA Gems Ruby Reign - L2 Junior    Bullitt Athletics Lethal Ladies - L3 Junior    Peak Athletics The Cat's Meow - L2 Youth    Steele Athletics Tin Tins - L2 Youth    Midwest Cheer Elite-Columbus Gucci - L2 Junior - Small    Terre Haute Cheer University NINJA TURTLES - L1 Youth - D2 - Small    Step One All Stars - North Excellent - L5 Senior Restricted Coed - Small    Midwest Cheer Elite Aristokatz - L2 Mini    Dancespace All Stars Mini Dynamite - Mini Hip Hop    Carolina Fierce Gems Senior Onyx - L2 Senior    Elite Cheer Blaze - L3 Junior    Beyond All Stars Divine - L1 Junior    Heath Hawks Hawks 3rd Grade - L1 - Mini - Club    Frisco Football League Frisco Texans - L2 - Youth - Club    Pro Spirit Rubiez - L1.1 - Youth PREP    Spirit Xtreme Believe - L1 Youth    All-Star Revolution HONOR - L1 Youth - Small    All-Star Revolution CONQUER - L3 Youth - Medium    Woodlands Elite Bombsquad - L4 Junior - Medium    Iconic All Stars Lady Sirens - L2 Senior    Team Illinois Cheer Black Sparkle - L4 Senior    Dance Force Studios Jr Coed Hip Hop - Junior Coed Hip Hop    Dance Force Studios Sr Lyrical - Senior Contemporary/Lyrical    Nitty Dupree Studio of Dance NDSD Youth Pros - Youth Coed Hip Hop    Twisters Elite Junior HH - Junior Hip Hop    Midwest Cheer Elite - Toledo Cyclones - L1 Youth    Midwest Cheer Elite - Toledo Heat Wave - L3 Junior    CheerXperience Empress - L5 Senior Restricted    Cheer Eclipse StarBurst - L1 Youth    KC Cheer Fortune - L4 Senior    Cheer Extreme Crush - L5 Junior Coed    Cheer Craze All Stars J.CREW - L2 Junior    Cheer Extreme - Raleigh Ladybugs - L1 Youth    iNFiNiTi Athletics Electric - L1 Youth    Advanced Cheer Crew Royalz - L2 Youth - D2    Indiana Elite Couture - L3 Junior    Westside Cougars All Stars 9 Volt - L2 Senior - D2    Interactive Academy Galaxy - L3 Senior - Medium    Westside Cougars All Stars Fierce Fury - L1 Youth    Top Gun All Stars Royalty - L3 Senior    World Elite Lady Lux - L4 Senior - Small    Nor Cal Elite All Stars Luna - L3 Junior    Silicon Valley Elite Blue2 - L2 Junior - Small    The Atlanta Jayhawks JADE - L4 Senior - Medium    ATA Platinum - L3 Senior Coed    The Stingray All Stars Johns Creek Obsidian - L2 Senior - Small    Tiger Elite Fierce Cats - L1 Youth    Extreme Athletics Blackout - L4 International Junior Coed    Bluegrass Cheercats Silver Cheetahs - L1.1 - Youth PREP    Bluegrass Cheercats Platinum Prowlers - L2 Youth - Small - A    Premier Athletics - Murfreesboro Passion - L2 Senior    CheerVille Athletics Wicked - L2 Junior - Medium    GymTyme Illinois Crush - L4 Junior    Cheer St Louis Cherubs - L1.1 - Tiny PREP    Platinum Athletics Sparkle - L1 Youth    Northern Elite Fire - L4 Senior    Laredo All American Starlites - L3 Senior    Carolina Spirit Athletics Ray Sharks - L1 Junior - D2    Carolina Spirit Athletics Leopard Sharks - L3 Junior - D2    Dakota Spirit Enfuego - L4 Junior    Elite Cheer Odyssey - L4 Junior    Liberty All Stars DIVAS - L3 Youth - D2    The California All Stars- San Marcos S4 - L4 Senior    Long Island Cheer Silver - L3 Senior    iNFiNiTi Athletics Electric - L1 Youth    Advanced Cheer Crew Royalz - L2 Youth - D2    Cape St Claire Rec Council Junior Cats - L2 - Junior - Club    Oklahoma Xtreme Cheer Royalty - L4 Senior    Studio 22 junior jazz - Junior Jazz    Burlington All Stars Shimmer - L1 Junior    World Cup All Stars - Ohio Aquarius - L5 Senior Restricted    Cheer Athletics - Columbus VenusCats - L3 Senior    Cheer Athletics - Columbus ZetaCats - L1 Mini    Cheer Athletics - Pittsburgh BronzeCats - L3 Senior    Cheer Athletics - Pittsburgh TitaniumCats - L2 Junior - Medium    Cheer Athletics - Pittsburgh GoldCats - L1 Junior    Rain Athletics Brellas - L3 Junior - Medium    Hot Topic All Stars Diamond Divas - L1 Youth - D2    Hot Topic All Stars Lady Deuces - L2 Junior - D2    Cheer Extreme - Richmond Golden Girls - L3 Junior    Wylie Elite Power - L1 Mini    Cheer Athletics - Plano Itty Bitty Kitties - L1 Tiny    Cheer Athletics - Plano KittyKatz - L1 Youth    Arizona Element Elite Hydro - L2 Junior    Desert Storm Elite Eclipse - L4 International Junior    The California All Stars - Mesa Classics - L4 Senior    GymTyme Illinois Rose - L1.1 - Junior PREP    Platinum Athletics Frost - L2 Youth - Small    Platinum Athletics Slate - L5 Junior Restricted    Team Illinois Cheer Silver Charm - L4 Junior    WIDC Black Ice - L3 Junior - D2 - Small    Northern Elite Frenzy - L1 Youth    Northern Elite Fury - L2 Senior    Northern Elite Fire - L4 Senior    Louisiana Cheer Force Baby Blue - L1 Mini    Southern Athletics Punch - L3 Junior - D2    CSA All Stars Angels - L4 Senior    Celebrity Cheer Fame - L3 Senior    Natural Venom All Stars Junior Mafia - L3 International Junior    Thunder Elite All-Stars Reign - L1 Youth    Northwest Power Athletics Black Ice - L2 Senior - D2    Elite Force Cheer Onyx - L2 Junior - D2 - B    North Star Allstars GRAVITY - L1 Youth - D2    CheerVille AL Monstars - L1.1 - Mini PREP    Diamonds All Stars Sassycats - L2 Junior - Small    The Atlanta Jayhawks STERLING - L1 Youth - Small    Python All Stars Striped Pythons - L1 Youth - Medium    FLIP! Gym Lady Reign - L4 Senior - Medium    FLIP! Gym Fierce - L4 Junior    WIDC Hail Storm - L1 Junior    Heat Athletics L3 Junior - L3 Junior    ICE Ultraviolet - L5 Junior Restricted    Champions Elite All-Stars Champions Elite Allstars - Senior Hip Hop    Matrix All Stars Fierce - L1.1 - Mini PREP    Knoxville Twisters Tornadoes - L1 Youth - Small    Premier Athletics - Knoxville North Cali Sharks - L2 Junior - Small    Matrix All Stars Attitude - L2 Senior - Small    Knoxville Twisters Swirl - L3 Junior - Medium    The Stingray All Stars Marietta Lime - L3 Senior - Medium    Omega All Stars Jr Titanium - L2 Junior - D2    Cheer Extreme - Raleigh Junior 4 Elite - L4 Junior    Tiger Elite Sabres - L2 Senior    PunchFront Cheer Rampage - L4 Senior Coed - D2    Rockstar Cheer Atlanta Poison - L3 Junior    ATA Gold - L2 Youth    Florida Top Dog All Stars Drizzle - L1 Mini    Brandon All Stars Orlando Dazzle - L1 Tiny    Brandon All Stars North Tampa Opal - L1.1 - Junior PREP    Gems Cheer Stars Gems Cheer Stars - Rubies - L2 Youth - D2 - Small    Long Island Cheer Lime - L3 Youth    Legends Cheer Academy II Jackpot CHA-CHING! - L4 Junior    Five Star Purple Reign - L3 Junior - Small    Columbus Power Elite Shooting Stars - L1 Youth    Five Star Shade - L4 Senior Coed    Dream Athletics NOVA - L1.1 - Junior PREP    Dream Athletics BLACKOUT - L4.2 Senior    The California All Stars - Las Vegas J-Money - L3 Junior - Medium    The California All Stars - Las Vegas J-Club - L4 Junior    The California All Stars - Camarillo Assassins - L4 Senior    The California All Stars - Livermore J2 Crew - L2 Junior    The California All Stars - Livermore Jr Combat - L3 Junior - Medium    University Cheer Force Black Ice - L3 Senior    PCT Fangz - L2 International Junior    Cheer Strong Inc. Glory - L4 International Junior