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The teams listed on this page are our special GOLD BID winners! GOLD BIDS are the most prestigious bids that can be earned to The U.S. Finals! They are awarded to one of the highest scoring eligible teams at U.S. Finals qualifier events throughout the season. This award entitles the recipient the ability to attend any U.S. Finals location for a flat team fee.

Colorado Lightning Athletics Wildfire - L4 Senior    Rock Solid Athletics Hydro - L2 Junior    Spirit Xtreme Trust - L2 Junior - Medium    Liberty Cheer Allegiance - L3.1 Senior PREP    Memphis Cheer Blue Diamonds - L5 Senior    Wabash Valley Rebels Valley Girls - L1 Youth    Bullitt Athletics LETHAL LADIES - L3 International Junior    Bullitt Athletics RAMPAGE - L4 Junior    Holgate High School Tigers - Intermediate Junior Varsity/Freshman    Platinum All Stars J2 Divas - L2 Junior    Stars Vipers San Antonio Rattler Reign - L2 Junior    Texas Cheer Force Elite Fierce - L3.2 Junior PREP    Odyssey Cheer Company Electric Storm - L2 Junior    Victory Vipers Glitter Girls - L3.2 Junior PREP    Peak Athletics Flight - Junior - Pom    Minnesota Xtreme Platinum - L4 Senior    Step One All Stars - North Glamorous - L2.2 Junior PREP    Wildcats Cheer Pride Junior Jags - L1 Junior    Midwest Cheer Elite-Columbus GUCCI GIRL$ - L2 Junior - Small    Step One All Stars - North Remarkable - L2 Junior - Medium    Step One All Stars - North Magnificent - L3 Senior    Element Elite Tumbling & Cheer Youth Nitro - L2 Youth - Small    Central Elite Kentucky Majesty - L1 Youth    CheerVille Athletics Medusa - L4 Senior    Triple Crown Elite PURPLE REIGN - L2 Youth    The Vision Dance Center The Vision Dance Center Allstars - Junior - Contemporary/Lyrical - Large    VOGT Devils Flames - L2 Performance Recreation - 14 & Younger (NON)    The Cheer Hive #BEEASTMODE - L3 Senior    IMPACT ONE Allstars Hope - L1 Youth    Cheer Athletics - Charlotte EnchantedCats - L2 Youth    ACX Crazy Jags - L5 Junior    The Stingray Allstars Phoenix - L4 Junior    The Stingray Allstars Scorch - L2 Junior    Starz Dance Academy Youth All Starz Small Jazz - Youth Jazz - Small    Twisters Elite Swarm Squad - Youth Hip Hop - Small    KC Cheer Force - L2 Senior - Medium    Cheer St Louis Divine - L4 Junior    Champion Athletics Mayhem - L3 Performance Recreation - 18 & Younger (NON)    The California All Stars - Ontario Steel - L2 Junior    The California All Stars - Ontario Silver - L3 Junior    The Dance Warehouse The Dance Warehouse All Stars - Senior - Jazz    Diamond Elite All Stars Ladies Of Bling - L1 Junior    United Elite Arctic Ladies - L4 Junior    Cheer Extreme - Raleigh Ladybugs - L1 Youth    Cheer Extreme - Raleigh Junior X - L5 Junior    Cheer Extreme - Raleigh Senior 4 Elite - L4 Senior    Rockstar Cheer Pittsburgh Heartbreakers - L1.1 Mini PREP    Rockstar Cheer Pittsburgh B2K - L2 Junior - Small    Rain Athletics Electric - L4.2 Senior    Peters Township High School Peters Township High School - Varsity - Hip Hop    Empire Cheerleading Pixie White - L1.1 Tiny PREP    Thunder Extreme Wind - L1 Junior    Spirit of Texas Purple Crush - L3 Youth    Top Star Training Center Inspire - L1 Junior    ICE Avalanche - L2 Junior    Titanium Force Cheer Code Black - L4 Senior    Central Jersey All Stars Jr. Ammo - L1 Junior    Rockstar Cheer New Jersey Naughty by Nature - L6 Senior - Small - Coed    Central Jersey All Stars Team Gunz - L6 Senior - XSmall - Coed    HCA Gems Rebel Rose - L2 Senior - Small    Cheer Athletics - Columbus Aurora - L2 Youth    Cheer Athletics - Columbus Pandora - L4 Senior    Beyond All Stars Divine - L1 Junior - Medium    Midwest Elite Academy Ruby Slippers - L1.1 Mini PREP    LA Cheerz Allstarz Frost - L2 Junior - D2    Louisiana Cheer Force Ruby Red - L2 Youth - Medium    Indiana Elite Crazy - L1.1 Youth PREP    Terre Haute Cheer University KILLER BEEZ - L1 Junior - D2    Terre Haute Cheer University THE PIRATE CREW - L2 Junior - Medium    Indiana Ultimate- Fort Wayne Emerald - L3 Senior Coed    Texas Empire Frenzy - L1.1 Mini PREP    Caliber Cheer Starz Rockets - L2 Junior - Small    Odyssey Cheer Company Black Ice - L4 Senior Coed    Woodlands Elite - OR Soldiers - L1.1 Junior PREP - Medium    Woodlands Elite - Katy Admirals - L2 Senior - Small    Prodigy All Stars Blue Diamond - L2 Junior - Small    ACE Cheer Company - Huntsville Navajos - L1 Mini    ACE Cheer Company - Huntsville Cherokees - L2.1 Senior PREP    Knoxville Twisters Weathergirls - L4 Junior    Premier Athletics - Nashville 007 - L3 Junior - Medium    Jackson Cheer Company Obsession - L3 Senior Coed    Cheeriffic Allstars Pink Ladies - L2 Youth - Small - D2    Geneva Xtreme Cheer Koko's Military - L3.2 Senior PREP    Liberty Cheer First Ladies - L1.1 Youth PREP    Champion Cheer Ignite - L2.2 Junior PREP    Chesapeake Elite HAIL - L1 Senior    Cape St Claire Rec Council 18U - L3 Performance Recreation - 18 & Younger (NON)    KLM Boys & Girls Club KLM 14U Fierce - L2 Performance Recreation - 14 & Younger (AFF)    Dream Athletics Karma - L2 Senior    Laredo All American Starlites - L3 Senior    Cheer Athletics - Austin PinkIceCats - L1 Youth    Cheer Athletics - Austin RubyCats - L4 International Junior - Coed    Dakota Spirit Radiance - L1 Junior    Elite Cheer Elite Cheer Odyssey - L5 Senior    Elite Gym Justice League - L3.2 Junior PREP    Allstar Athletics Crystals - L1 Youth    Nor Cal Elite All Stars Venus - L4 Senior    Nor Cal Elite All Stars Luna - L3 Senior    Northern Elite Riptide - L2 Junior    Koach All Stars Goddess - L1 Junior - D2    Koach All Stars Engage - L2 Senior - D2    GymTyme Illinois Karma - L5 Junior    All Star Patriots Odyssey - L4 Senior - D2    Northern Elite Fury - L2 Senior    TriCity Quest Onyx - L3.2 Senior PREP    Cheer Extreme - Raleigh Frost - L2 International Junior    Cheer Xcel Dynasty - L1 Junior    Island Xtreme Lil Divas - L1.1 Mini PREP    RAMS All Stars ICE - L4 Junior - D2    Upper Merion All Stars GEMS - L5 Junior    Cheer Extreme - Richmond Junior Clique - L4 International Junior - Coed    Cheer Extreme - Maryland Slay - L2 Junior    Rockstar Cheer Atlanta Sugarland - L1 Mini - Small    Rockstar Cheer Atlanta Poison - L4 International Junior - Coed    Legion of Allstars Troopers - L1 Mini - D2 - Small    Georgia All Stars Marvelous - L1.1 Youth PREP    Spirit Factory Cobalt - L1 Youth - D2 - Small    Spirit Factory Black Diamonds - L4 Senior - D2 - Small    Cheer Fusion Allstars Lady Legacy - L4 Senior - Small    Oaklyn Cats Cheerleading Reign Cats - L2 Performance Recreation - 12 & Younger (NON)    Gymnastics of York Platinum - L2 Junior    Bellmawr Purple Eagles Empire - L2 Performance Recreation - 12 & Younger (NON)    The California All Stars- San Marcos Reign - L2 Junior - Medium    The California All Stars- San Marcos Blush - L1 Junior - Medium    Cheer and Dance Xtreme Starr Struck - Junior Prep    Foursis Dance Academy Junior Small - Junior - Jazz - Small    Foursis Dance Academy Dynamites - Mini Dance    Brookfield Center for the Arts Youth Small Jazz - Youth Jazz - Small    Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Wolfpack - Junior - Hip Hop    Elite Heat All-Stars Ignite - L1 Youth - Small    Terre Haute Cheer University BIG MACS - L2 Senior - Medium    Midwest Cheer Elite Wondercats - L3 Junior - Medium    United All Stars Venom - L4 Senior Coed    ACE Cheer Company - TUS Bravehearts - L1.1 Youth PREP    CheerVille Athletics AL Hocus Pocus - L3 Junior - Medium    The California All Stars - Mesa Royal Gunz - L2 Senior    The California All Stars - Mesa Classics - L4 Senior    Core Athletix 716 Silver - L1 Junior    SLC Cheerleading Royalty - L2 Senior    Bluewater Cheer Athletics T-Dub - L4 Senior Coed    Knoxville Twisters Purple Rain - L1 Youth - D2 - Medium    Team Illinois Cheer White Diamonds - L4 Senior - Small    Blue Storm Athletics LADY VORTEX - L3 Senior - D2 - Small    Blue Storm Athletics BLACK ICE - L5 Senior Coed - D2    Midwest Cheer Elite Wicked Claws - L2 Senior - Medium    Midwest Cheer Elite Miss Kitty - L3 Senior - Medium    Legends Cheer Academy II Jackpot CHA-Ching! - L4 Junior - D2 - Medium    GymTyme Illinois Twist - L5 Senior Coed    Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Roar - L1 Youth - Medium    Westside Cougars All Stars Pink Reign - L2 Junior - D2 - Small    Planet Dance Youth Pom - Youth - Pom - Large    Nitty Dupree Studio of Dance NDSD - Junior Coed - Hip Hop    Pittsburgh Poison All Stars Juniors - Junior Coed - Hip Hop    Elite All Stars of London Mini Pom - Mini - Pom - Small    Prima Dance All-Stars Tiny Jazz - Tiny - Jazz - Small    Memphis Pride Allstars Pride - Senior - Variety    Cheer Eclipse Starlites - L1.1 Youth PREP    Cheer UP Athletics Twilight - L1 Junior - D2 - Small    Wylie Elite Power - L1 Mini    Cheer UP Athletics Wicked - L2 Senior - D2 - Medium    Cheer St Louis Saints - L2 Senior - Small    Advanced Cheer Crew ACC Senior Platinum - L3 Senior - Medium    Twist & Shout Tulsa Senior Ivy - L3 Senior Coed    Cheer Athletics - Pittsburgh ChromeCats - L6 Junior Coed    Premier Athletics - Michigan Thunder - L3 Junior    In10sity Cheer L1 Senior - L1 Senior    All-Star Revolution Bullets - L1.1 Tiny PREP    All-Star Revolution Courage - L2 Youth    All-Star Revolution Triumph - L3 Senior Coed    Cheer Athletics - Pittsburgh IronCats - L4.2 Senior    Cheer Athletics - Pittsburgh BronzeCats - L3 Senior    TAI Scorch - L2 Junior - D2    USA All Stars- Stafford Intensity - L4 International Junior - Coed    Shore Pride All Stars GLITZ - L3 Junior - D2    Cape St Claire Rec Council Senior Pride - L3 Performance Recreation - 18 & Younger (NON)    Premier Spirit Athletics Lavender CRUSH - L2 Senior    Iowa Elite Cheer CR Savage - L3 Senior - Small    Iowa Elite Cheer CR Skulls - L4 Senior    The Stingray Allstars Flame - L1 Youth    The Stingray Allstars Heat - L4 Senior    Eastside Edge Golden Girls - L1 Youth - D2 - B    Eastside Edge Senior Strike - L2 Senior - D2    Rockstar Athletics Renegades - L3 Junior - D2    Northern Elite Fire - L4 Senior    ICE Twilight - L3 Junior    WIDC Hailstorm - L1 Junior - D2    Minnesota Power Athletics Voltage - L2.2 Junior PREP    California Pride Inferno - L1 Senior    Python All Stars Timor Pythons - L2 Senior    Legion of Allstars Troopers - L1 Mini    TKO TKO Crushers - L1.1 Junior PREP    Matrix All Stars Mayhem - L3 Junior - D2    California Pride Aftershock - L2 Senior - Medium    Pacific Coast Magic - Irvine Honey - L4 Senior - Small    The Stingray All Stars Obsidian - L2 Senior    Pennyrile All Stars Pennyrile All-Star Cats - L1.1 Youth PREP - D2    Diamonds All Stars Knockouts - L4 Senior - Small    Rockstar Cheer Atlanta South Black Eyed Peas - L3 Junior - Small    Cheer Revolution Leathernecks - L3 Senior - B    Jersey All Stars East Brunswick Scream Queens - L4 Senior - Medium    Jersey All Stars Sinners - L3 Junior - Medium    Evolution Cheer Teal Supremacy - L1 Junior - Small    LA All Stars Luminaries - L2 Senior - Small    Interboro Hornets Cheerleading Junior Hive - L2 Performance Recreation - 14 & Younger (NON)    Interboro Hornets Cheerleading Queen Bees - L3 Performance Recreation - 18 & Younger (NON)    Valley Elite All Stars Twizzlers - L3 Junior - Small    The Stingray All Stars Scarlet - L3 Junior    Georgia Dance Force Youth - Hip Hop - Youth - Hip Hop    Majestic Dance Team Senior - Variety - Senior - Variety    Nor Cal Elite All Stars Sirens - L3 Junior - Small    Idaho Cheer Rubies - L3 Senior - Small    Cheer Athletics- Frisco Silver StarCats - L1.1 Youth PREP    Texas Allstar Cheer and Dance Wildfire - L2.1 Junior PREP    Outlaw Cheer Company Platinum - L2.2 Junior PREP    Texas Allstar Cheer and Dance Black Ice - L3.2 Senior PREP    Extreme Cheer & Tumble Bombshells - L2 Mini    Woodlands Elite - OR Mini Ops - L2 Mini    Cheer Athletics - Plano Bobcats - L1 Mini    Woodlands Elite - OR Cadets - L1 Tiny    Eclipse Cheer Empire Elite - L3 Performance Recreation - 18 & Younger (NON)    Premier Tumble and Cheer Brilliance - L1.1 Junior PREP    Louisiana Cheer Force Scarlet - L2 Senior    Southern Athletics Punch - L3 Junior    Wolfpack JUNIOR FIERCE - L4 Junior    ATA Neon - L1 Youth    ATA Steel - L3 Junior    The Stingray All Stars Green - L6 Junior Coed    Bayou Athletics VOODOO - L4 Junior    Bayou Athletics CAYENNE - L1.1 Youth PREP    Brandon All-Stars Gold - L1 Mini    Florida Top Dog All Stars Freeze - L1 Youth    Power Cheer! Senior Savag3 - L3 Senior - D2 - Medium    Cheer Express Allstars Cheer Express Youth Stars - L1.1 Youth PREP    Cheer Express Allstars Cheer Express Bomb Squad - L3 International Junior    Wake Forest All Stars Wolf Pups - L1 Mini - D2    Inspire Athletics Pink Ladies - L4 Senior    The California All Stars - Las Vegas Jokers - L2 Junior    The California All Stars - Las Vegas Lady Money - L3 Junior    The California All Stars - Las Vegas J-Spades - L5 Junior    Rise Up Athletics Royalty - L2 Junior - D2    SCV All Stars Junior Black - L3 Junior    Fierce Cheer Elite Queens - L2 Junior - D2    CYC Allstars X - L2 Senior - D2    CheerXperience CHARISMA - L3 Junior    Cheer Savannah Leather - L3 Junior    Cheer Athletics- Frisco CosmicCats - L2 Junior - Small    Cheer Athletics - Plano Sassycats - L4 Senior - Medium    Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Sovereignty - L3 International Junior    Thunder Extreme STORM - L3 Senior - D2 - Medium    Rebelz Cheer Vengeance - L4 Senior Coed - D2 - Small    Prodigy All Stars Moonlight - L6 Junior Coed    All-Star Revolution MIGHTY - L1 Mini - Small    All-Star Revolution BOMBSHELLS - L1.1 Mini PREP    Grand Cheer Glitter - L1.1 Youth PREP - D2    University Cheer Air Force Inc Missiles - L1 Mini - D2 - Small    Rockstar Athletics Anarchy - L3 Senior - D2 - Medium    Team Illinois Cheer Green Glitz - L2.2 Junior PREP    Team Illinois Cheer Pink Envy - L5 Senior    ICE Halo - L4 Senior Coed    GymTyme Illinois Sugar - L2 Junior - Small    Dreamz Elite Allstars Black Widows - L2 Junior - D2 - Small    Starstruck Starstruck Shhhh - L3 Senior - D2 - Small    California Pride Wildfire - L3 Senior Coed - D2    Spirit Athletics Bombshells - L3 Senior - D2 - Medium    Knight Time Cheer Infinite 5 - L5 Senior - D2    Brandon All-Stars Senior Black - L6 Senior Coed - Small    The California All Stars - Las Vegas Blackjacks - L4 Senior Coed    The California All Stars- San Marcos Respect - L3 Senior Coed    Pacific Coast Magic - Irvine Scarlet - L3 International Junior    Cheer Central Suns Sol - L2 Junior    United Elite Frostbit3 - L3 Junior - D2    Kinetic All Star Cheer Rage - L4 International Open - Coed    Peak Athletics "Shorties" - Junior - Hip Hop    Wolfpack LADY REIGN - L4 Senior    Wolfpack STERLING - L2 Junior    Cheer Xcel Purple Reign - L1 Senior - D2    Rockstar Cheer Holly Springs Pink Floyd - L3 Junior - Small    Wake Forest All Stars Tundra Wolves - L1.1 Junior PREP - D2    World Class All Stars Dazzle - L1.1 Mini PREP    Cheer Force Arkansas Angels - L1 Mini    Cheer Force Arkansas War Eagles - L2 Junior    FAME All Stars - Roanoke Shimmer - L1 Junior    Inspire Athletics Royalty - L3 Senior    Macs Allstar Cheer MAC'S GUCCI - L3 Junior - Small    Liberty All Stars DIVAS - L3 Youth - D2    Liberty All Stars REBELS - L4 Senior - D2    Liberty All Stars WICKED - L1 Youth - D2    Upper Merion All Stars CITRUS - L6 Junior    Dynasty Spirit Elite Harrisburg Royal Cats - L1.1 Junior PREP - D2    Texas Elite J-Ops - L2 Junior - Medium    Texas Elite Fab4orce - L4 Senior    The Ranch Cheer and Tumble Rowdy - L1.1 Youth PREP    Pro Spirit GLITTER - L1.1 Mini PREP    Omni Elite Athletix Royal Rage - L2 Junior - Medium    Omni Elite Athletix Steel - L4 Junior    Empire Athletics Commanders - L1 Senior - Small    East Celebrity Elite - Hingham BLING - L1.1 Mini PREP    UKnight Training Center Lady Diamonds - L4 Senior - Medium    Ocala Athletix CODE RED - L3 Senior Coed - D2 - Small    United Rock Nation All Stars Diamond Dolls - L1 Youth - D2    Legendary Athletics Junior Elite - Junior - Hip Hop - Small    Brandon All-Stars Silver - L4 Junior    The California All Stars - Livermore Covert - L4 Junior    The California All Stars - Livermore Swagg - L4 Senior Coed - Medium    Infinite Athletics Blackout - L2 Junior - D2    Oaklyn Cats Cheerleading Queen Cats - L4 Performance Recreation - 11-18 Years Old (NON)    TAI Nobles - L1.1 Junior PREP    TAI Eruption - L3 Junior - D2    Maryland Twisters Fierce Winds - L4 Junior    TAI Ice Queens - L4 Senior - D2    Maryland Twisters Virginia Fourcast - L4 Senior - Medium    The Atlanta Jayhawks Pixie - L1 Mini    Python All Stars Calabar Pythons - L1 Senior    ACX Swag Jags - L2 Junior - Small    Cheer Extreme - Raleigh Mini Pixies - L2 Mini    Georgia All Stars Dangerous - L3 Senior - D2 - Small    The Stingray All Stars Sugar - L4 Senior - Small    Rockstar Cheer Charleston Wonder Girls - L4.2 Senior - Small    ATA Fusion - L5 Senior Coed - Small    Twisters Jade - L2.2 Youth PREP    CheerVille Athletics Phantom - L3 International Junior    Element All Stars Neon - L2 Junior - D2    New York Icons Royalty - L3 Junior    Element All Stars Cobalt - L5 Senior - D2    Rockstar Cheer Rhode Island The Temptations - L4.2 Senior    Royal Braves Cheer Athletics Queens - L2 Performance Recreation - 18 & Younger (NON)    Maryland Glitz All-Stars Senior Glam - L2 Senior    Cheer Craze All Stars Lady Warriors - L3 Junior    Cheer Athletics - Charlotte CrownCats - L4.2 Senior    Inspire Athletics Royalty - L3 Senior    TriCity Quest Onyx - L3.2 Senior PREP    Cheer Athletics - Columbus NyxCats - L4.2 Senior    Cheer Athletics - Columbus ZetaCats - L1 Mini    Cheer Athletics - Columbus SilverCats - L1.1 Mini PREP    United by SHC Poison - L2 Junior - D2    Cheer Omega Psi Phi - L1 Junior - Medium    Paiges Dance and Cheer Studio: SPiCE All Cobalt - L3 Junior    Premier Athletics - Northern Kentucky Jade - L2 Junior - Small    Queen City Storm Tsunami - L3 Junior - Small    Element Elite Tumbling & Cheer Lady Lithium - L2 Senior    Spirit Athletics Ricochet - L5 Senior    Laredo All American Dippers - L2 Youth    Cheer-riffic Techniques Talons - L4 Senior Coed    Cheer-riffic Techniques Red Feathers - L2.2 Youth PREP    Cheer Coast Tropics Tiki Pearls - L1 Junior    Westside Cougars All Stars Electric Empire - L1 Junior    Legends Cheer Academy II Deuces WILD! - L2 Youth - Medium    Legends Cheer Academy II ThrACE - L3 Junior - Small    Legends Cheer Academy II Princess Platinum Spades & Kyler - L3 Senior Coed    Louisiana Cheer Force Sapphire - L2.2 Youth PREP    Floyd Central High School Floyd Central Hip Hop - Varsity - Hip Hop    Floyd Central High School Floyd Central Pom - Varsity - Pom    Planet Dance Youth Hip Hop - Large - Youth - Hip Hop    EPA AllStars Lil Men - Youth Male - Hip Hop    Bluegrass Athletics Black Out - L5 Senior    Charlie's Angels Airborne Elite All Stars - L2 Youth    Bomb Squad Airborne Elite All Stars - L3 Junior    Migos Rockstar Cheer New Jersey - L4.2 Senior    Raiders Elite Cliffside Park Recreation - L1 Performance Recreation - 18 & Younger (NON)    Savage Cats Oaklyn Cats Cheerleading - L3 Performance Recreation - 14 & Younger (NON)    Lady Sting Interboro Hornets Cheerleading - L4 Performance Recreation - 11-18 Years Old (NON)    Fire VOGT Devils - L3 Performance Recreation - 18 & Younger (NON) - Small    Royals Bravo All Stars - L4 Senior - D2    Hot Shots Athletix United - L1.1 Youth PREP    The Sugarhill Gang Rockstar Cheer Rhode Island - L3 International Junior    Brilliance Dazzle U All Stars - L2 Junior - D2    Frost Upper Merion All Stars - L3 International Junior    Rain Upper Merion All Stars - L4 Senior    Athena Deptford Elite - L2 Performance Recreation - 14 & Younger (AFF)    Superior Cheer Xcel - L1 Youth - D2    Dream IMPACT ONE Allstars - L1.1 Youth PREP    Fireflies Cheer Extreme - Charlotte - L5 Junior    Hunters Competitive Cheer L1 International Junior - L1 International Junior    World Cup Revolution - L2 Junior    Dynamic Competitive Cheer Storm - L2 Perf. Rec. - 18 & Younger (AFF)    Studio 22 Junior AS Jazz - Junior - Jazz    Midwest Cheer Elite Cheshirekatz - L2 Junior    Midwest Cheer Elite Supercats - L3 Youth    Terre Haute Cheer University DINO HERD - L4 Senior    GymTyme South Dynamite - L1.1 Youth PREP    Spirit Xplosion Black Ops - L3 International Junior    JAM Athletics Pink Army RELOADED - L1 Youth - D2    Royal Athletics Royal Majesty - L1.1 Junior PREP - D2    Nebraska Dance Nebraska Dance Pom Squad - Junior - Pom    Fusion Athletics Green Bay Blaze - L1.1 Youth PREP    Northern Extreme Athletics Stellar - L2 Youth - D2    WIDC Frost - L4 Junior    FAME All Stars - VA Beach Barbies - L1.1 Youth PREP    FAME All Stars - VA Beach Sirens - L2 Senior - Medium    Rain Athletics Brellas - L4 Junior - Medium    Virginia Wild, LLC Lady Leopards - L3 Senior - D2    Maryland Twisters Little Winds - L2 Youth    Maryland All Stars Caribbean Sharks - L2.2 Youth PREP    Arkansas Cheer Academy Admirals - L3 Junior    Cheer and Tumbling All Stars Wildcats - L1 Junior    Natural Venom All Stars ReCon - L2 Senior    Natural Venom All Stars Mafia - L3 Senior Coed - Small    Valley Elite All Stars Red Hots - L4 Senior Coed - Small    MOTYFCL Reign - L3 Perf. Rec. - 18 & Younger (AFF)    Candy Elite All-Stars Jawbreakers - L2 Junior - Small    LA All Stars Showstoppers - L4 Junior    LA All Stars Leading Ladies - L5 Senior    Shutdown Cheer Shutdown Academy LockDown - L3 Perf. Rec. - 18 & Younger (NON)    Shutdown Cheer Shutdown Academy KnockDown - L2 Perf. Rec. - 18 & Younger (NON)    Shutdown Cheer Shutdown Academy ShowDown - L1 Perf. Rec. - 14 & Younger (NON)    Macs Allstar Cheer MAC'S PRADA - L2 Junior    Macs Allstar Cheer MAC'S STORM TROOPERZ - L5 Senior    Fusion All Stars Bombshells - L6 Junior    Top Gun All Stars Glitter - L2 Youth - Small    Northeast Ohio All Stars Heartbreakers - L3 Junior - D2    Geneva Xtreme Cheer Karma - L2.2 Junior PREP    Stardom Athletics Infinity - L2 Junior - B    STARZ Cheer and Athletics Endeavor - L3.2 Senior PREP    Epic Athletics Diamond Divas - L1.1 Youth PREP - D2    Valley Cheer Elite Wildfire - L2.2 Youth PREP - D2    Steele Athletics Rose Gold - L3 Junior - Small    Momentum Athletic Center Thunder - L2.1 Junior PREP    Fusion Athletics Crush - L1 Senior - Medium    Fusion Athletics Reckless - L2 Senior - Small    Evolution Cheer Teal Reign - L2 Youth - D2    Evolution Cheer Teal Shock - L3 Senior Coed - D2    Quest Athletics Generals - L2 Junior - D2 - Small - A    Quest Athletics Bomb Squad - L4 Senior Coed - D2 - Small    Jersey All Stars Little Monsters - L1.1 Mini PREP    Core Athletix Rochester Platinum - L3 International Junior    Rockstar Cheer Rhode Island Lady Gaga - L4 Senior - Small    Star Athletics Junior White - L2 Junior - Medium    Star Athletics Senior Slate - L4 Senior - Medium    Platinum Athletics Shimmer - L1.1 Mini PREP    Foursis Dance Academy Dynamites - Mini - Pom    Brookfield Center for the Arts Junior Elite Jazz - Junior Prep Jazz    Energizers Small Junior Pom - Junior - Pom - Small    Energizers Junior Kick - Junior - Kick    Energizers Small Tiny Pom - Tiny - Dance    Footnotes Dance Studio Junior Hip Hop - Large - Junior - Hip Hop - Large    Footnotes Dance Studio Tiny Hip Hop - Tiny - Hip Hop    NCA Dance Studio Bangerz - Youth - Hip Hop    Strut Performing Arts Youth Hip Hop - Youth - Hip Hop    Footnotes Dance Studio Youth Coed Hip Hop - Youth Coed - Hip Hop - Large    American Cheer SR BLACK - L3 Senior Coed    American Cheer JR WHITE - L1 Junior - Medium    Infinite Athletics Luxe - L1 Senior - D2    Victorious Elite All Stars Vogue - L1 Junior - D2    CYC Allstars Viper - L4 Senior - D2    POWER PRODIGY - L3 Junior - D2    Valley Elite All Stars Skittles - L1.1 Youth PREP    Pro Scouts Snipers - L1 Youth - D2 - Medium    All-Star Revolution Honor - L1 Youth - Small    Apex Cheer Infinity - L1.1 Youth PREP - Medium    Woodlands Elite - Humble Lieutenants - L2.2 Youth PREP    CheerCats LV - Summerlin J-Claw - L2 Junior    Louisiana Rebel All Stars Courage - L2 Senior    Abilene Cheer Force commanders - L2.1 Junior PREP    Louisiana Rebel All Stars Grace - L1 Youth    Mississippi Spirit Pink - L2 Youth    Rockstar Cheer Pittsburgh Blink 182 - L2.2 Junior PREP    Upper St Clair High School Varsity - Hip Hop - Varsity - Hip Hop    Cheer Athletics - Pittsburgh GoldCats - L1 Junior    Cheer Athletics - Pittsburgh TitaniumCats - L2 Junior - Medium    Rain Athletics Drizzle - L3 International Junior    The Studio PowerHouse Pirates Royal Fortune - L2.1 Junior PREP    TEXAS CHEER ALLstars Fuego - L2.2 Youth PREP    Flip n Cheer Legacy Sassy Tails - L1 Mini    University Cheer Force youth 2 - flash - L2 Youth    University Cheer Force senior 4.2 - tsunami - L4.2 Senior    Rock Solid Elite Tanzanite - L1 Mini - D2    Rock Solid Elite Kryptonite - L2 Junior - D2    Rock Solid Elite Onyx - L3 Junior - D2    Iconic All Stars Dazzle Girls - L1.1 Mini PREP    Iconic All Stars Miss Fame - L3 Junior    Titanium Force Cheer Crush - L3 Youth - D2    Rockstar Cheer Atlanta East Chipmunks - L1.1 Mini PREP    The Xtreme Girls LUXE - L1 Junior    River City Allstars Mojo - L2 Junior - Small    Infinity Allstars Kings & Queens - L5 Senior    Island Allstars 007 - L4 Senior Coed    Beyond All Stars Crush - L3 Senior    Beyond All Stars Desire - L1.1 Senior PREP    Minnesota Xtreme Chrome - L1 Youth - D2    Inspire Athletics Volt - L2.2 Senior PREP    Studio L Dance Co. Varsity Small CoEd Jazz - Senior Coed - Jazz    Island Allstars Pink Panthers - L1 Tiny    PowerCore Athletics Beastmode - L2 Junior - D2