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The teams listed on this page are our special GOLD BID winners! GOLD BIDS are the most prestigious bids that can be earned to The U.S. Finals! They are are awarded to one of the highest scoring eligible teams at U.S. Finals qualifier events throughout the season. This award entitles the recipient the ability attend any U.S. Finals location for as little as $100* per team.

5678 Tumble STAC - L3 Senior Prep    ACE Cheer Company - BHM Choctaws - L1 Mini - Small    ACE Cheer Company - TUS Renegades - L4 Senior Coed    Adrenaline Allstars Heat - L2 Senior - D2    Adrenaline Allstars Rampage - L1 Junior    Alliance Cheer Elite Renegades - L3 Junior - D2    Alliance Cheer Elite Empire - L4 Senior    All-Star Revolution Mighty - L1 Mini    All-Star Revolution Conquer - L3 Youth    All-Star Revolution Courage - L2 Youth - Medium    All-Star Revolution Honor - L1 Youth    American Cheer Sr Black - L3 Senior    American Cheer Sr.White - L1 Senior    American Cheer Elite Fire - L1 Youth Prep    Amistad Eagles All Stars AEA PURPLE REIGN - L2 Senior    Apex Cheer Platinum - L3 International Junior (Provisional)    Arizona All Stars Purple Tide - L3 Junior    Arizona Spirit G Force - L1 Youth    ATA Fusion - L5 Senior Restricted Coed    ATA Steel - L3 Junior - Medium    Atherton High School Atherton - Varsity Mount Traditional    Bannons Cheer Force Lady Lightning - L3 Senior Prep    Bannons Cheer Force Blaze - L1 Junior - D2    Bayou Belles Spirit Steel Magnolias - Senior Pom    Beyond All Stars Crush - L3 Junior - Small    Beyond All Stars Bliss - L2 Senior    Bluegrass Cheercats White Tigers - L1 Mini - D2    Brandon All-Stars Gold - L1 Mini    Bullitt Athletics Mischief - L1 Youth Prep    California Storm FROST - L1 Junior    Carolina Spirit Athletics Leopard Sharks - L3 Junior - D2    Celebrity Cheer Celebrity Vogue - L4 Senior    Central Jersey All Stars Commanders - L1 Senior Prep    Central Jersey All Stars Junior Ammo - L1 Junior    Central Jersey All Stars Bombsquad - L3 Junior    Central Jersey All Stars Bullets - L1 Youth Prep    C-Factor Athletics Panthers - L1 Senior    Champion All-Stars champion all stars Senior Crush - L4.2 Senior - D2    Champion All-Stars Gold Rush - L2 Senior    Champion Cheer Blaze - L2 Senior    Champion Cheer Flash - L2 Junior Prep    Champion Cheer Ember - L1 Senior    Champion Legacy Junior Jazz - Junior Jazz    Cheer Alliance Supermodels - L2 Mini    Cheer Athletics - Charlotte DynastyCats - L4 Junior    Cheer Athletics - Charlotte DivinityCats - L3 Senior    Cheer Athletics - Charlotte ReignCats - L5 Senior Restricted    Cheer Athletics - Charlotte RegalCats - L4 Senior    Cheer Athletics - Columbus ZetaCats - L1 Mini    Cheer Athletics Katz - L2 Junior    Cheer Athletics- Frisco Meteorites - L1 Mini    Cheer Central Suns - NM Illuminate - L3 Senior    Cheer Central Suns - NM Glow - L2 Youth    Cheer Core Collingwood Senior Gold - L4 International Senior (Provisional)    Cheer Corps CheerCorps Atomic5 - L5 Senior Restricted Coed    Cheer Craze All Stars Y3K-BAEZ - L3 Youth    Cheer Eclipse StarBurst - L1 Youth    Cheer Eclipse Shooting Stars - L2 Junior    Cheer Extreme - Raleigh Jr 3lite - L3 Junior - Medium    Cheer Extreme Spotlight - L4.2 Senior    Cheer Extreme C4 - L4 Senior Coed    Cheer Force Arkansas Angels - L1 Mini    Cheer Force One Mirage - L2 Mini    Cheer It Up All-Stars CIU MINI SAPPHIRES - L1 Mini    Cheer Legend Champions Royalty - L1 Junior - D2    Cheer Legendz Bobcatz - L1 Mini - D2    Cheer Legendz Saberz - Senior Coed Hip Hop    Cheer Legendz Youth Hip Hop - Youth Coed Hip Hop    Cheer Savannah Allstars Chenille - L3 Youth    Cheer St Louis Wings - L2 Mini    Cheer St Louis Dream - L1 Senior Prep    Cheer Station Jets - L2 Junior Prep    Cheer Strike Gym Lime - L2 Youth Prep    Cheer Xpress Moxie - L1 Mini    Cheer Xpress Vortex - L1 Junior    Cheeriffic Allstars Youth - L1 Youth - D2    Cheeriffic Allstars Tiny - L1 Tiny    Cheer-riffic Techniques Red Tails - L2 Youth - D2    CheerVille Athletics Voodoo - L2 Senior    Cheerville Athletics BG Mystique - L2 Junior - Small    Chesapeake Elite Sports LLC Ice Princesses - L2 - Junior All Star Cheer    China Spring Youth Athletic Association CSYAA Cougars - Game Rec - Youth - Intermediate    Clarksville Cheer Extreme Ambition - L1 Tiny    Confidential Information - Do Not Distribute -    Connect Cheer Northwest Scarlet - L2 Senior    Connect Cheer Northwest Teal - L1 Senior    Copyright (c) 2000-2017, inc. All rights reserved. -    Corona Stars Cheer Senior Nova - L1 Senior - Small - B    Crimson Heat All Stars Crimson Heat Firestarters - L2 Mini    DanzForce Academy Mini Darlings - Mini Jazz - Small    DCX All Stars Stars - L1 Youth Prep    Desert Storm Elite Lady Ice - L2 Youth    Diamond Elite All Stars Royalty - L1 Senior    Diamonds All Stars Black - L3 Senior Coed - Medium    Diamonds All Stars Barbie Dolls - L4 Junior    Diamonds Infinity Athletics Sapphire - L2 Senior    Diamonds Infinity Athletics Crystals - L1 Junior    Dream Athletics WICKED - L3 - Youth All Star    Dream Athletics StarStruk - L1 - Junior All Star    Dream Athletics BlackOut - L4.2 - Senior All Star    Dream Athletics StarStruk - L1 - Junior All Star Cheer    Dream Team All-Stars Youth Believe - L1 Youth - D2    Dynasty Athletics Empire - L1 Youth    East Coast Extreme Allstars Youth Lightning - L1 - Youth All Star    Elite All Stars of London Tiny Pom - Tiny Pom    Elite Cheer and Tumble Combustion - L1 - Senior    Elite Cheer Tsunami - L3 Senior - D2 - Small - B    Empire Elite First Order - L1 Youth - D2    Excite Gym and Cheer Excite! Ambition - L1 Junior Prep    Excite Gym and Cheer Excite! Obsession - L2 Junior    Excite Gym and Cheer Excite! Dynamite - L1 Junior    Express Cheer Exotic - L5 Junior Restricted    Express Cheer Explicit - L2 Senior    Express Cheer Excellence - L1 Youth    Extreme Cheer & Tumble Emeralds - L2 Junior    FCA Gems Fire Opals - L4 Junior    FCA Gems Fire Opals - L4 Junior    Fire & Ice Allstars Wildfire - L2 Youth    FLIP! Gym Wolfpack Senior Sapphire - L2 Senior - Medium    Florida Top Dog All Stars Senior Haze - L2 Senior Prep    Full Out Tumble and Cheer L1meBites - L1 Tiny - D2    Fully Loaded Dance Studio Gansta Girls - Youth Hip Hop - Small    Fusion All Stars Hot Shots - L4 Junior - Small    Galena Cheer Club BLACK - L2 Junior    Georgia All Stars Notorious - L4 Senior Coed    Glitter Athletics Mini Stars - L1 Mini    Gold Star Juvenile - Junior Coed Hip Hop    Golden Elite All Stars Fortune - L1 Junior    Golden State Elite Golden State Elite Senior Hip Hop - Senior Hip Hop    Grand Cheer Royal Divas - L2 Junior - D2    Gravity Cheer Intensity - L4 Senior Coed    Greensboro All Star Cheerleading Black Diamonds - L4 Senior    Gymnastics of York Elite Jade - L1 Youth - D2    GymStars Elite Solstice - L1 Junior    GymTyme All-Stars Fire - L2 Junior Prep    GymTyme All-Stars Peach - L2 Youth Prep    GymTyme All-Stars Ice - L2 Junior Prep    GymTyme All-Stars Mini Melons - L1 Mini Prep    GymTyme All-Stars Spice - L1 Youth Prep    High Country Cheer HCC Elevation - L1 Junior    Holgate High School Holgate High School - Varsity Non Mount Traditional    Houston Cheer Academy Nova Catz - L1 Youth - D2    ICE 4cast - L4 Junior    Icon Cheer Elegance - L4 Junior    Idaho Cheer Amethyst - L1 Mini - D2    Idaho Cheer Obsidian - L4 Senior Coed - D2    Idaho Cheer Diamonds - L3 Junior - D2    Idaho Cheer Emeralds - L2 Senior - D2 - B    Ideal Cheer Elite Flurries - L1 Mini    Indiana Elite Vogue - L2 Junior Prep    Indiana Invasion TCB - Senior Coed Hip Hop    Indiana Ultimate- Fort Wayne Turquoise - L1 Mini    Inspire Athletics Pink Ladies - L4 Senior - Medium    Interactive Academy Eclipse - L2 Junior - A    Iowa Elite Cheer - Des Moines Black - L1 Mini    Jacksonville All Stars Future Starz - Senior Coed Hip Hop    Jacksonville All Stars Dominate Divas - Senior Hip Hop    JCA L4 - Junior - L4 - Junior    Jersey All Stars Sirens - L4 Senior Coed    Jersey Girls Allstars Jersey Girls Allstar Seniors - Senior Pom    Jerzey Jewelz Black Diamonds - L2 - Senior All Star Cheer    K & K Cheer Empire Icons - L3 Junior    Karen's Dance Academy Sapphires - L2 Junior Prep    KC Cheer FAME - L3 Junior - Medium    KCK Wildfire Aqua - L1 Tiny    KCK Wildfire Royal - L1 Mini    Kingston Elite All Star Rose - L1 Youth    Koach All Stars Revival - L1 Youth - D2 - Small    Laredo All American Laredo All American Starlites - L3 Senior    Laredo All American Laredo All American Sonics - L3 Junior    Laredo All American Laredo All American Dippers - L2 Youth    Legacy Xtreme All Stars Royal Bees - L4 Junior    Legacy Xtreme All Stars Pythons - L3 Junior - Small    Legends Cheer Academy II ThrACE - L3 Junior - D2 - Small    Legends Cheer Academy II Deuces WILD! - L2 Youth - Medium    Louisiana Cheer Force Teal - L3 Senior Coed    Louisiana Cheer Force Ice - L2 Junior    Luxe Cheer Legacy - L4 Senior - D2    Macs Allstar Cheer Starlightz - L2 Youth    Majik Touch Dance Company X-Treme Majik - Junior Hip Hop    Matrix All Stars L2 Senior - L2 Senior    Mega Cheer Blaze - L3 Youth    Memphis All Stars Junior Coed Hip Hop - Junior Coed Hip Hop    Memphis Pride Allstars Mini Storm - L1 Mini Prep    Memphis Pride Allstars Junior Lightening - L2 Junior    Memphis Pride Allstars Mini Rain - L1 Mini    Midwest Cheer Elite Aristokatz - L2 Mini    Midwest Cheer Elite Little Lynx - L1 Mini    Midwest Cheer Elite-Columbus J'adore - L4 Junior    Midwest Elite Senior 4tress - L4.2 Senior Coed - D2    Mystiq Jewels Allstars Senior - Onyx - L2 Senior - D2 - Small    Mystiq Jewels Allstars Youth - Citrine - L1 Youth - D2    Mystiq Jewels Allstars Mini - Sapphires - L1 Mini - D2    Nitty Dupree Studio of Dance NDSD Tiny Pros - Tiny Hip Hop    Nor Cal Elite All Stars Nor*Cal Elite Athena - L1 Senior    North Coast All Stars Violet - L2 Youth Prep    Northern Elite Fury - L2 Senior    Northern Elite Frenzy - L1 Youth    NVS Dance Junior Contemporary/Lyrical - Junior Contemporary/Lyrical    Odessa Extreme All Stars Heat - Junior Hip Hop    Oshkosh Jets Ignite - L1 Junior    Oshkosh Jets Acceleration - L2 Senior - D2    Oshkosh Jets Acceleration - L2 Senior - D2    Parrish Elite Chaos - L1 Tiny    Peak Athletics Cash Cats - L2 Junior - Medium    Peak Athletics Bobcats - Junior Hip Hop    Peak Athletics Sabers - Senior Pom    Pennyrile All Stars Panthers - L1 Youth Prep    Perfection All Stars Pink Envy - L3 Junior - D2    Pittsburgh Poison All Stars Black Widows - Senior Hip Hop - Large    Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Ambush - Senior Hip Hop - Small    Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Majesty - L4 Senior    Pittsburgh Pride All Stars Lady Royals - L4.2 Senior - Small    Pittsburgh Superstars Mini Models - L1 Mini    Pittsburgh Superstars Mini Models - L1 Mini    Platinum Hip Hop & Cheer Platinum Gems - L1 Youth    Powersports Powersports Cheer - Odyssey - L4 Junior - D2    Premier Athletics - Michigan Bling - L2 Junior    Premier Athletics - Murfreesboro Lady Glam - L1 Junior    Premier Athletics - Nashville Queens - L3 Senior - Small    Premier Athletics - Northern Kentucky Pretty Kitties - L1 Mini    Prodigy All Stars Team Neon - L1 Junior    Purple Flash Elite Purple Flash Elite - L1 Youth Performance Rec    Python All Stars of Columbus Nova Pythons - L3 Senior - Medium    Python All Stars of Columbus Timor Pythons - L2 Senior - Medium    Python All Stars of Columbus Calabar Pythons - L1 Senior    Raevin Dance Factory Dance Factory Elite-Youth Prep - Youth Prep    Raevin Dance Factory Dance Factory Elite-Juniors - Junior Hip Hop    Rage Athletics Rebels - L2 Youth - D2    Rain Athletics Drizzle - L3 Senior    Rain Athletics Drizzle - L3 Senior    Rebel Yell Rock Stars - L1 Youth    Rhythm Dance Studio Senior Pom - Senior Pom Dance    Rhythm Dance Studio Rhythm Extreme AllStars - Mini Pom    Rio Grande Valley Cheer Shining Starz - Youth Contemporary/Lyrical    River City Allstars Lady Sizzle - L5 Senior XSmall    Riverside High School VA DA AL Varsity - Hip Hop - Varsity - Hip Hop    Rock Solid All Stars ANGELS - L1 Mini    Rock Solid Elite Onyx - L3 Junior - D2    Rock Solid Elite Emeralds - L1 Youth - D2    Rockstar Cheer Rage Against the Machine - L2 Senior    Rockstar Cheer Charleston Cheetah Girls - L4 Senior - Small    Rockstar Cheer Holly Springs Lumineers - L1 Junior    Rockstar Cheer Raleigh Vanilla Ice - L1 Senior    Rockstar Cheer Raleigh Hyper Crush - Senior Hip Hop    Rockstar Cheer Raleigh Nirvana - L1 Youth    Rockstar Cheer Raleigh Pentatonix - L4 Senior Coed    Rockstar Cheer Raleigh Nirvana - L1 Youth - Medium    Rockstar Cheer Raleigh New Kids on the Block - L1 Mini    San Antonio Spirit Team Onyx - Open Coed Hip Hop    San Antonio Spirit Team Chrome - L5 Senior Restricted - D2    San Antonio Spirit Team Black - L3 Junior - D2    San Diego Elite Tsunami - L2 Senior - A    SCV All Stars SCV All Stars Senior Silver - L2 Senior - B    SCV All Stars SCV All Stars Senior Black - L4 Senior    SCV All Stars SCV All Stars Senior Blue - L3 Senior - Small    Shore Pride All Stars GLITZ - L3 - Junior All Star Cheer    Shutdown Cheer Stars - L1 - Junior Performnace Rec    SI Spirit Aces - L2 Junior - Medium    SI Spirit Aces - L2 Junior - Medium    SI Spirit Royal - L1 Junior    Sideline Sports Twisters - L1 Youth Prep    Sideline Sports Lightning - L3 Senior Prep    South Central Xtreme Achieve - L2 Senior - D2    South Central Xtreme Dream - L2 Youth Prep    South Coast Freestyle Junior Pom - Junior Pom    South Texas Fuzion Xtreme - Senior Jazz    Southaven Wildcats Fierce - L4 Senior    Spectrum Allstars Storm - L3 Senior Prep    Spirit All Stars Team Passion - L1 Senior - D2    Spirit of Texas Purple Aces - L3 Junior - Medium    Spirit Xplosion CherryBombs - L2 Youth Prep    Spirit Xtreme Believe - L1 Youth    Spirit Xtreme Courage - L3 Junior    Spirit Xtreme Mighty - L1 Mini    Stars Cheer Aries - L1 Youth Prep    Starstruck Starstruck Shade - L4.2 Senior    Starstruck Starstruck Stellar - L1 Senior    Step One All Stars Spectacular - L5 Senior Restricted    Studio 22 Junior Small Jazz - Junior Jazz    Studio 22 Junior Contemporary/Lyrical - Junior Contemporary/Lyrical    Studio All-Stars Youth Fierce - L2 Youth Prep    Team Illinois Cheer Orange Obsession - L4.2 Senior    Team Illinois Cheer Purple Crush - L3 Junior    Tennessee Xtreme Lady Sapphires - L1 Youth    Terre Haute Cheer University FLIGHT CREW - L3 Senior - Medium    Terre Haute Cheer University SCREAM TEAM - L4.2 Senior    Terre Haute Cheer University G.I.B. GIRLS IN BLACK - L3 Junior    Terre Haute Cheer University POWER RANGERS - L2 Junior - Medium    TEXAS CHEER ALLstars Legacy - L3 Senior    Texas Empire Frenzy - L1 Mini - D2    Texas Empire Fury - L1 Youth - D2    Texas Storm Athletics Thunder - L1 Youth - D2    Texas Thunder Tx Thunder Midnight - L1 Mini - D2    The Atlanta Jayhawks THUNDER - L2 Junior - Medium    The California All Stars - Camarillo Code 3 - L3 Senior Coed    The California All Stars - Camarillo Jr Black - L2 Junior    The California All Stars - Las Vegas BlackJacks - L4 Senior Coed - Small    The California All Stars - Livermore J2 Crew - L2 Junior    The California All Stars - Livermore Cadets - L1 Youth    The California All Stars - Livermore Deja Blue - L1 Senior    The California All Stars - Ontario Cobalt - L2 Youth - Medium    The California All Stars - Ontario Crystal - L1 Senior - Medium    The California All Stars - Ontario Steel - L2 Junior - B    The Champions All Stars Wildfire - L1 Youth Prep    The Champions All Stars Phoenix - L3 Senior - Small    The Champions All Stars The Champions All Stars Fire Queens - L2 Junior - D2 - B    The Cheer Connection TCC Energy - L1 Youth - D2    The Cheer Pitt Static Shock - L1 Youth - Small    The Cheer Pitt Blackout - L3 Senior    The Hive Cheer Wasps - L3 Junior - Small    The Hive Cheer Killer Bees - L2 Senior    The Stingray All Stars Johns Creek Ruby - L1 Mini    The Stingray All Stars Johns Creek Obsidian - L2 Senior    The Stingray All Stars Marietta Black - L3 Youth    The Stingray All Stars Marietta Green - L5 Junior Coed    The Stingray All Stars Marietta Coconut - L2 Mini    The Stingray All Stars Marietta Peppermint - L1 Mini    The Vision Dance Center The Vision Dance Center Senior Allstars-SMALL JAZZ - Senior Jazz - Small    The Vision Dance Center The Vision Dance Center Senior Allstars-LARGE LYRICAL - Senior Contemporary/Lyrical - Large    Thrive All Stars Sapphires - L3 Senior    Thunder Extreme RainDrops - L1 Mini    Thunder Extreme Flash - L2 Senior - D2    Thunder Extreme Wind - L1 Junior - D2    Thunder Extreme Storm - L3 Senior - D2 - Small    Tiffany's Cheer and Dance Studio Mini Pom - Mini Pom    Tiger Elite Diva Kittens - L1 Mini Prep    Tiger Elite SASSY CATZ - L1 Mini    Tiger Elite Itty Bitty Kitties - Tiny Novice    TNT Cheer Rockets - L1 Youth    Top Gun All Stars Majesty - L2 Senior    Top Gun All Stars Pixies - L1 Mini    Total Cheer Empower - L5 Junior Restricted    Tribe Cheer Arrowheads - L1 Junior Prep    Triple Crown Cheer Company Mini Crowns - L2 Mini    Triple Crown Elite Purple Reign - L2 Youth - D2 - Small    Triple Crown Elite Queen of Hearts - L1 Youth    Twin City All Stars Extreme - L2 Youth Prep    Twist & Shout Edmond Junior Trust - L2 Junior    Twist & Shout Norman Youth Unity - L1 Youth    Twist & Shout Tulsa Diamonds - L5 Senior Coed - Small    Twisters Lime - L1 Mini Prep    Ultimate Cheer Lubbock Prodigy - L3 Senior Coed    United All Stars Poison - L2 Junior - D2    United All Stars Hiss - L1 Youth - D2 - Small    University Cheer Air Force Inc Blue Angels - L3 Youth - D2    University Cheer Force Fire Storm - L5 Senior Coed - Small    University Cheer Force Storm - L4 Senior Coed    Upper Merion All Stars Ice - L4 Junior    USF - Gold Bid Report -    Valley Cheer Elite Titanium - L3 Junior - D2    Valley Cheer Elite Wildfire - L2 Mini - D2    Varsity Spirit -    Victory! All Stars Onyx - L3 Youth - D2    VIP Athletics GLITZ - L1 Mini - D2    Wildcats Cheer Pride Prowl - L4 Senior    Windsor Knights Elite Bubblicious - L1 Youth Performance Rec    Woodlands Elite Cadets - L1 Tiny    Woodlands Elite Green Berets - L4 Junior - Small    Woodlands Elite Admirals - L2 Senior    World Class All Stars Glam - L2 Youth    World Class All Stars Fame - L5 Senior Coed - XSmall    World Cup All Stars - Ohio Super Moons - L1 Mini    World Cup Apollo - L4.2 Senior    World Cup Galaxy - L4 - Senior All Star    World Elite Glam Girls - L1 Mini    Wylie Elite Fame - L1 Youth - Small    Xtreme Athletics Lieutenants - L2 Junior - D2 - Small - B    ICE ICE-Shade - L4 Senior Coed    WIDC WIDC-Black Ice - L3 Junior    360 Athletics 360 Athletics-Steel - L1 Small Youth A