Frequently Asked Questions

Every cheer and dance team works hard all season long, and The U.S. Finals is a spectacular way to celebrate the end of your season. Join us at any of our locations for an awesome celebration of all that your team has accomplished this season! The U.S. Finals events put on a beautiful production with concert style lighting and video screens. We also boast a full spring floor practice area, medals for every single athlete, trophies for all teams, and white champion jackets for all division winners. All these amenities - a truly nationals- style experience at unbeatable prices!


You spoke, we listened!

Starting this season, ONLY teams who place first, second or third will be eligible to attend The U.S. Finals! We will no longer accept teams who do not finish in the top 3 at a qualifier event this season. The great news is that we have more qualifiers than ever before, so be sure you have plenty of opportunities on your schedule to make it to the top 3 of your division!

Also, new this season, teams who have earned 1st, 2nd and 3rd place at a qualifier will pay an the all-inclusive price per athlete. There are no more team processing fees for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place bids!

The per-team processing fee IS still required for teams who win a GOLD BID. Paying the GOLD BID Processing Fee secures a team’s spot at the U.S. Finals location of their choice and solidifies their registration. This fee is $200 per team, and will be discounted to $100 per team if the team registers before the deadline.


GOLD BIDS are the most prestigious bids that can be earned to The U.S. Finals! They are are awarded to one of the highest scoring eligible teams at U.S. Finals qualifier events throughout the season. This award entitles the recipient the ability attend any U.S. Finals location for as little as $100* per team. GOLD BIDS are awards that are earned, and cannot be passed on to any other teams. If a team decides not to use their GOLD BID, it will become void. Contact the event producer of your qualifier to inquire about GOLD BIDS offered at their events.

*The per team fee for GOLD BID winners is $200, but will be discounted by 50% if registration is received and paid in full by the registration deadline!


GOLD BIDS are awards that are earned at qualifier events. The qualifier’s event producer has the discretion to decide how to best award the GOLD BIDS among the highest scoring eligible teams. The reason this changes from event to event is because the quantity of GOLD BIDS awarded at a qualifier event is based on the number of teams competing at that event. The bigger the event, the more GOLD BIDS they will have to award! Since this does vary event to event, be sure to check with the event producer of your qualifier to see how many GOLD BIDS they will award, and how they plan to distribute them.


The higher you place at a qualifier, the lower your registration price. The U.S. Finals rewards teams who place in the top 3 of their division at a qualifier with reduced pricing based on their placement. For example, if a team’s best finish all season was third place, their price would be $115 per athlete. If a team’s best finish all season was second place, their price would be $95 per athlete. And finally, if a team’s best finish all season was first place their price would be just $85 per athlete!*

*These prices all assume that registration was received and paid prior to the registration deadline posted on the event web page.


We highly encourage teams to register for U.S. Finals as soon as you know you’re attending as some locations do sell out! If you attend multiple qualifiers this season, your registration rate will be based on your best finish at a qualifier. We will be tracking bids all season long, so we can help coaches be sure to get the lowest price earned by their team. If your team hits a higher placement or earns a GOLD BID after you’ve registered, all you have to do is fill out our Bid Upgrade Form and we will verify and adjust your registration price. Give us a call (877.5.FINALS) for a special link to our Bid Upgrade Form!


The U.S. Finals does not have a crossover rate. A crossover athlete will pay the placement pricing per team he/she competes with. Take for example an athlete who competes on Team A and Team B. If Team A earned a GOLD BID at a qualifier event and Team B earned first place at a qualifier event, then the crossover athlete would pay $0 for Team A and $85 for Team B.*

*These prices all assume that registration was received and paid prior to the deadline, and the per-team processing fee for GOLD BIDS is still applicable.


It's totally up to you and what you want to spend on travel. We offer eight locations from coast to coast, and you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Want to travel to the beach? Want to stay close to home? You have options with U.S. Finals!


To help keep the travel costs low for your team and their families, The U.S. Finals is a compete ONCE style event. Some locations span two days, but that is just to accommodate the quantity of teams. Each event page will list a General Schedule as we get close to the event showing which teams will perform on which day.


All athletes, regardless of placement will receive a custom U.S. Finals medal!
Teams who compete at The U.S. Finals on a GOLD BID will be given a set of sparkly GOLD shoelaces courtesy of Varsity’s V-Force Shoes!
1st place teams will receive a team trophy, team banner, all athletes get a #whitejacket, and the team moves on to Champions Challenge!
All other placements receive a team trophy!


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What is the transfer and refund policy?

No refunds will be issued within 30 days of an event. The U.S. Finals fees are non-refundable and non-transferable, even if a team chooses to drop from the event. If a team withdraws 14 days prior to the event, a transfer of 25% to another Varsity event or a transfer of 100% to another event by the same brand will be available in the same season for registration fees (not GOLD BID processing fees). Once this deadline has passed, there will be no refunds or transfers. All refund or transfer requests must be made in writing and received by the registration deadline.

Are any U.S. Finals locations Stay-to-Play?

No, not at this time.

What divisions are offered at The U.S. Finals?

We offer LOTS of divisions for All Star Cheer, All Star Prep Cheer, All Star Dance, School Cheer, School Dance, Rec Cheer and Rec Dance! The exact divisions offered at The U.S. Finals are listed on every event page on this website. Just click on Events, select your location, and then select the division button that best suits your team.

Please note: Not all of our event producer partners who host U.S. Finals qualifiers will follow these same divisions and that’s okay! We will help teams find the best possible match if they compete in a division at a qualifier that we do not offer. Please call 877-5-FINALS for help!

SCHOOL CHEER DIVISIONS – We will ONLY offer school cheer divisions at our Virginia Beach and Indianapolis locations where a flat foam floor will be available.

ALL DANCE STYLES OFFERED AT ALL LOCATIONS; however, a Marley dance floor will only be guaranteed in Virginia Beach and Indianapolis. Other locations will have dance divisions performing on the spring floor.

DIVISIONS NOT OFFERED – Solos, duos, trios, stunt groups, or any other specialty division.

EXHIBITION TEAMS – Since U.S. Finals is an end of season event that offers competitive divisions for everyone, we do not offer exhibition options. The only two exceptions to this rule is for Cheer Abilities/Dance Abilities teams (see below) and for teams who will be competing at USASF Worlds. Please call 877-5-FINALS for assistance with registering a Worlds team for an exhibition.

CHEER ABILITIES/DANCE ABILITIES – We love Cheer Abilities/Dance Abilities teams, and all are welcome to perform an exhibition routine at any U.S. Finals location for FREE, no bid necessary! Please call 877-5-FINALS for assistance with registering a Cheer Abilities/Dance Abilities team for an exhibition.