2018 Champions Challenge Finalist - Pensacola

Rock Solid Elite Turqouise L1 Tiny Prep
Cheer Extreme All Starz Mini Sparkle L1 Mini Prep
Rock Solid Elite Rubies L1 Youtth Prep
World Class All Stars Glimmer L1 Junior Prep
World Class All Stars Posh L1 Tiny
Texas Empire Frenzy L1 Mini
Xtreme All Stars Dynasty L1 Youth
Bannons Cheer Force Blaze L1 Junior 
CAO Elite Royalty L1 Senior
Fire and Ice Cheer All Stars Whirlwind L2 Mini Prep
Xtreme All Stars Nitro L2 Youth Prep 
Suwannee Spririt Emerald L2 Junior Prep
Cheer Extreme All Starz Senior Shine L2 Senior Prep
CSA All Stars Cheetah Girls L2 Mini 
World Class All Stars Glam L2 Youth
Matrix All Stars Defiance L2 Junior
Louisianna Elite All Stars Passion L2 Senior 
TriCities Tumble and Cheer Pink Panthers L3 Junior Prep 
Cheer Omega All Stars Delta L3 Senior Prep
Cheer Omega All Stars Epsilion L3 Youth
Step Ahead All Stars Starbursts L3 Junior
Matrix All Stars Vengeance L3 Senior
CAO Elite Reign L4 Youth
Cheer Omega All Stars JUNU L4 Junior
Rock Solid Elite Black Diamonds L4 Senior 
Cheer Central Elite Chiefs L4 Open
Leader Cheer Eagles L1 Youth Perf Rec
Stembridge Colts Stampede L2 Youth Perf Rec
Leader Cheer J2 L2 Junior Perf Rec
Leader Cheer Junior Silver L3 Junior Perf Rec
Stembridge Colts Tripe Crown L3 Senior Perf Rec
Leader Cheer Senior Black L4 Senior Perf Rec
Tiger Elite Itty Bitty Kitties Tiny Novice
Zachary Cheer Academy Red L1 Tiny Trad Rec
Dragons Rec SAE Dragons L1 Youth Trad Rec
Zachary Cheer Academy Black L2 Pee Wee Trad Rec
Palm City Dolphins Pop Warner L2 Youth Trad Rec
Albany Elite Tiger Paws Fierce L1 Junior Trad Rec
Imagine Spirit Team L2 Junior Trad Rec
Albany Elite Tiger Paws Extreme L2 Senior Trad Rec
Starbound Performers Hip Hop Youth Prep HH
Starbound Performers Jazz Youth Prep Jazz
Starbound Performers Lyrical Youth Prep Lyrical
Starbound Performers Pom Youth Prep Pom
All Star Cheer Express Dynasty Youth HH
All Star Cheer Express Dramatic Senior HH
Jacksonville All Stars Lemonade Crew Mini Variety
Jacksonville All Stars Lil Divas Youth Variety
Jacksonville All Stars Dominate Divaz Senior Variety