Our final #WinnerWednesday will be May 23, 2018 at 7PM EST and all winners will be revealed in a special webcast on Varsity.tv! Stay tuned to our social media channels for this release!

The U.S. Finals

Celebrate the end of your season at The U.S. Finals! Every cheer and dance team works hard all season long, and The U.S. Finals is a spectacular way to celebrate the end of your season.


Only teams who earn a GOLD BID or rank in the Top 3 at a Qualifier will be invited to attend.


8 Awesome locations that can be as affordable as you make them! Beach? Big city? Close-to-home? The choice is YOURS!


The higher a team places at their Qualifier(s) during the season, the lower their registration price is for U.S. Finals. We help you keep travel costs in check, too, with our compete-once format!


Attendance varies by location, but ranges from 100 – 500+ teams. Winners from each location advance to CHAMPIONS CHALLENGE to compete for the Overall Grand Champion prize = Team Rings!


The U.S. Finals experience is a celebration of the effort, energy and enthusiasm athletes have given their team all season! We award #whitejackets for every winner, trophies for every team, medals for every athlete and more!

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